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Kids Soft PlaygroundKids Soft PlaygroundKids Soft PlaygroundKids Soft Playground
Kids Soft PlaygroundKids Soft PlaygroundKids Soft PlaygroundKids Soft Playground

Kids Soft Playground

Design: ODM, OEM acceptable

Theme: Space theme, candy theme, jungle theme, ocean theme etc

Installation: installation on site

Age range: 3-15 years old

Capacity: 2m²/1 kid

Packing: Bubble Plastic Film

Warranty: 12 months


Product Description


Kids soft playground introduction

It is a new generation of children's activity center which integrates functions of amusement, sports, puzzle, fitness, and other functions formed by the three-dimensional combination of science. It can also be said that it is a new type of highly comprehensive children's paradise, specially designed for children's natural likes to drill, climb, slide, roll, shake, shake and jump. Not only can the children be happy, but also the flexibility of their bodies can be exercised, the thinking can be developed, and the purpose of strengthening the body and strengthening the brain and brain can be achieved.
kids soft play equipment for sale

Features of kids soft ground


It can develop children's independent personality, exercise, brain health, and intelligence, with the characteristics of randomness, interaction, and safety,
It is not restricted by the venue (only indoors), or irregular venues, can be installed, simple management, no power equipment, easy maintenance, high safety performance, deeply loved by players.

Development prospects of kids soft playground 

The social and economic development is getting faster and faster, parents are paying more and more attention to the growth of children, and the development of the city has narrowed the scope of children's lives and constrained their love to play. Naughty Castle provides them with such a comfortable place.
With the rapid increase in the number of young children, the structure of all ages is also more balanced, which has laid a solid foundation for the expansion of the children's consumer market. The children's naughty castle project has become more popular in China, and the development prospects are getting better and better.
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kids soft playground applicable place

It can be installed in communities, shopping malls, supermarkets, kindergartens, parks, schools, playgrounds, etc. It is suitable for children 2-12 years old with a height of fewer than 1.4 meters to play and entertain, which solves the problem that parents have no time and no place to interact with children.

Customizable items in kids soft playground

The kids soft playground can contain a variety of different functional items such as scene customization, children's carousel, color roller, castle balloon room, trampoline, ocean ball pool, carbine, cannon, etc. The facilities are interesting and novel.
kids soft playground
so if you have any idea about your purchasing kids soft playground, please let us know, we will discuss the possibility, and provide you the best products. Damo own factories in XingYang, Henan province. There are hundreds of workers and tens of designers, all of our staff welcome your visiting and field investigation.


Product Name

Kids soft playground


OEM acceptable


Space theme, candy theme, jungle theme, ocean theme etc


Installation on site

Age range

3-15 years old


2 m²/1 kid


Bubble Plastic Film


12 months

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Please Feel free to give your inquiry in the form below.We will reply you in 24 hours.

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