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360 Degree Big Pendulum360 Degree Big Pendulum360 Degree Big Pendulum360 Degree Big Pendulum
360 Degree Big Pendulum360 Degree Big Pendulum360 Degree Big Pendulum360 Degree Big Pendulum

360 Degree Big Pendulum

Install Type: Fixed
Ride Height: 19.6m
Working height: 23m
Power: 86kw
Swing degree: 360 degree
Capacity: 23 persons
Area size: 14m*15m

Product Description

The big pendulum ride is one of the main projects of our company, and the technology is totally mature. What’s more, To meet the needs of the market, our company combines the local and international design concepts. The 360-degree big pendulum is coming. This is never and forever design in the amusement industry. We have other swing ride.

It adopts PLC and AC frequency conversion control technology, multi-node speed increase and speed limit, which makes the operation softer. When the 360° rotation is experienced, the operation is safer and the experience feels more comfortable. With its magnificent shape and grandeur. While feeling the fun of the ride, the passengers can share the less shock caused by overweight and weightlessness. When the passenger rotates with the cockpit and then swings 360 degrees with the swing arm, it is a combination of thrilling and exciting experience.

best big pendulum rides in China

The pendulum is an irritant machine game, also called discover pendulum. The machine has beautiful shape and scientific structure. It can not only let tourists have fun but also ensure safety. Visitors sit in the round cockpit facing out, novelty and fun. In general, the pendulum is secured by a pressure shoulder and a set belt as secondary insurance. The pendulum is divided into big pendulum and mini discovery, and has highest point to dive down and spin. 360 degree big pendulum, which is thrilling and exciting. 

360 degree big pendulum need a large space, visitors can experience happiness fully. The best choose for you to invest, because early investment is little and capital returns quickly later.

360 big pendulum

High quality for safe

Please feel free to use of our products. We use the best quality FRP through the national certification and every procedure is strictly required. We manufacture the 360 degree big pendulum is 23seats. Strong belt and tight shoulder insurance give you secondary mind at rest.

high quality

As a professional and leading manufacturer in amusement industry, high quality is my advantage all the time. Every process is strictly required. The amusement equipment is made up of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic(FRP), steel and electrical components. Look, this is our production process.


Fiberglass Making Process


production process

production process

production process


Painting Process


production process


Mechanical Transmission Process


production process

production process



Install Type Fixed
Ride Height 19.6m
Working height 23m
Power 86kw
Swing degree 360 degree
Capacity 23 persons
Area size 14m*15m


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Please Feel free to give your inquiry in the form below.We will reply you in 24 hours.

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